The Annoying Orange (born 8th October 2009)
The Annoying Orange

Born: 8th October 2009 (age 2) Occupation: Orange, protagonist, lives in a kitchen Affiliations: Good Allies: Pear, Marshmallow, Midget Apple, Cucumber, his mother, Apple, Grandpa Lemon, Grapefruit (one sided), most other guest characters Enemies: Fred, Orange (season 2), Grapefruit (one sided), Orange Group Group Fate: Ends up warning the secondary character about danger (mostly)

is the protagonist in the series The Annoying Orange, he and Pear are the most popular characters in the series


The Annoying Orange was born on 8th October 2009 as well as Apple and Pear, the video that started it all is on YouTube where the Orange annoys his friend Apple asking many questions (Making noises with his tongue, doing 10 push-ups in 10 seconds) but then the Orange warned Apple about a knife and Apple was killed then Orange annoyed his friend Pear

Orange has annoyed many other characters throughout the series, he often warns them near the end with one word (mostly Knife) and the secondary character is stabbed with a knife (sometimes surviving), if they survive, they get damaged though, Orange, Pear, Passion, Midget Apple, Marshmallow and Santa are the characters who have yet to be cut up by Knife or injured in a way (although Grandpa Lemon got sliced together again and Pumpkin survived)


Orange has not died although he got burned once, hiccups once and shot by arrows from Passion

Orange is the only character to appear in every episode

He has been seen with all characters