These are the rules of Fictional Character Wiki, these rules should be read

Image rules

1. No inappropriate images unless from the actual series including South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy or other violent cartoons (worth 2 strikes)

2. All pictures on articles must relate to that character in a way (if not 1 strike)

3. No blurry images (worth a warning then 1 strike)

4. No fan-made images without my permission (worth a warning then 1 strike)

5. No deleting images (worth 2 strikes)

6. Do not re-add images that get deleted for a reason! (worth 1 strike)

Message Rules

1. No deleting messages unless they have bad language in unless I decide to delete it plus no cursing or offence to others (if not swearing then 1 strike)

2. No warning others except me (worth 3 warnings then 1 strike)

Other Rules

1. Do not add false information (worth 1 strike)

2. Check out Kenny McCormick for another rule

3. If anyone but me gives a strike to another user, I will block them and delete the strike message

4. You may post videos that relate to the page even if it is not real but no posting YouTube Poops or inappropriate videos, these will be deleted and you will get a strike, also no bad language videos unless an actual episode off The Simpsons, South Park, Love Actually, Father Ted or any other bad language TV episode

5. When being blocked, you can't create a second account, if you do, I will find out and you will be blocked from the wiki forever