Grandpa Lemon (born 1st June 2002) is a character in The Annoying Orange, he came to the show in 2010 and has become a popular character, he is also the oldest character in The Annoying Orange
Grandpa Lemon

Born: 1st June 2002 (age 9) Occupation: Oldest Annoying Orange character Allies: Orange, Pear Enemies: Knife, Spider, Fly


Apparently, Grandpa Lemon can never refer Orange to his proper name calling him either Boris or George

Grandpa Lemon was actually sliced up in his first appearence (although he survived and ended up as a slice of lemon with lemonade), he later appeared in episodes such as Annoying Orange Vs. Angry Birds, Fry-day and others meaning he would have sliced back together

Grandpa Lemon is one of the main characters and also likes fries (as seen in Fry-day)