Fred Figglehorn (born 29th August 1995) is the main protagonist in the series FRED, he was created by Lucas Cruikshank

Born: 29th August 1995 (age 16) Allies: His girlfriend Judy Enemies: Kevin, Annoying Orange

in 2006

The first Fred episodes were most likely set in 2001 due to him being 6 at the time and because Fred was 15 in Fred: The Movie, also Fred: The Show started in 2012 making Fred 17

Fred appears in every episode and both movies, he appeared once in The Annoying Orange in the annoying contest, Fred was screaming and Orange was making his famous tongue sound, after Orange and Pear got back to the kitchen, Pear reveals his ears would be bleeding if he had them however Fred then appeared in the kitchen meaning the contest was not over