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Many characters have been killed by Knife

The kill scenes in The Annoying Orange, most of these appear in 1 BILLION KILLS

Deaths by Knife

Many characters have been killed by Knife only because Dane Bodeighmer forces him to kill them, some characters actually survived

Apple-sliced in The Annoying Orange

Pumpkin-stabbed in the head and his insides got toren out (survived) in Plumpkin

Orange-cut in half by Knife and his Dane Bodeighmer squeezed his guts out in More Annoying Orange

Grapefruit-cut in half by Knife and seasoned (revived)

Grandpa Lemon-cut in half by Knife and juiced (revived) in Grandpa Lemon

Tomato-quartered by Knife in April Fruits

Apple (Orange Through Time)-cut in half by Knife after hitting Isaac Newton on the head during the 18th century

Midget Apple (disguised as Orange, failed because Knife dropped Midget Apple) in April Fruits

Charlie the Unicorn-stabbed in the kidney (possibly survived) in Annoying Orange Meets Charlie The Unicorn

Strawberry, Lettuce and Apple-cut up by Knife in Kitchen Carnage

Lime-cut up by Knife in Happy Birthday Orange

Dane Bodeighmer-attacked by Killer Broccoli in 1 Billion Kills (presumably died)

Deaths by Blender

Blender is less common than Knife, the Blender is a supporting murder weapon

Tomato-blended when Dane Bodeighmer pushed a button on the blender (survived and made into ketchup) in Toe-May-Toe

Kiwis-blended after being thrown in the blender in Kitchen Carnage


Mario-hit by Bullet Bill in Annoying Super Mario (revived)

Titanic-hit an iceberg in 1912

Dinosaurs, struck by median 145 million years ago